Features of Our Plumbing Products

Preventing Chemical Contamination

Preventing Chemical Contamination

Our plumbing valves are designed and monitored to minimize the impact that harmful chemicals can have on the health and safety of people and the environment.

Protecting Pipes & Preventing Leaks

Protecting Pipes & Preventing Leaks

Our plumbing products feature benefits such as zero leakage and build-up resistance, reducing wear on pipes and preventing costly repairs.

Providing Exceptional Customer Support

Providing Exceptional Customer Support

We are dedicated to providing plumbing products and customer service of the highest standards. Our team will provide prompt, personalized attention.

American Valve Products

4000D Flanged Ball Valve

4000 Series Ball Valves

American Valve’s 4000 Series™ is solution without compromise for facility, factory, and municipal managers.

4000 Series™ flanged and grooved-end ball valves featuring a patented corrosion resistant PFA-fused solid ball, making them more durable, less susceptible to buildup, and longer-lasting than an ordinary unprotected ball.

Our design provides maximum flow rate free from obstruction. Seats are protected from wear, and automation is a breeze with low operating torque and an ISO standard mounting pad. 4000 Series™ ball valves are used in critical applications around the world where gate, butterfly, or eccentric plug valves cannot be trusted.

G100 Ball Valve

MILANO Plumbing Valves

Mechanical contractors, plumbers, and facilities maintenance engineers have trusted American Valve’s MILANO valves for decades. Every MILANO valve is manufactured in an ISO-certified facility to American Valve specifications. MILANO plumbing valves are backed by a world-class quality management system and American Valve’s 100+ years of manufacturing experience.

P200U Schedule 80 Ball Valve

Thermoplastic Valves & Fittings

Our thermoplastic valves and fittings combine the best in corrosion resistance, dependability, and value. Our designs ensure superior flow characteristics and consistency in body design, while our unique molding process uses all virgin material with no reground plastic that could introduce contaminants.

Available in a range of materials to meet the challenges of demanding applications.

Scale Prevention

ScaleRX protects your water heater from limescale buildup and keeps it running efficiently. It requires no power supply, batteries, chemicals, or filters. ScaleRX uses a patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization (TGP) electrode to disrupt the formation of limescale crystals on water heater elements. In side-by-side comparison testing, ScaleRX was four times more effective than the leading electronic scale device. ScaleRX is easy to install and maintenance free.

About American Valve

American Valve has been producing high-quality plumbing products for more than 100 years. Our goal is to provide affordable ball valves, plumbing valves, thermoplastic valves and fittings, and specialty plumbing products that are durable and dependable, helping you preserve the life of piping systems and other equipment.

Our products are engineered from the finest quality material and are designed to minimize the impact of harmful chemicals on people and the environment. Customers of American Valve also enjoy features like build-up resistance and zero leakage. All of our products are backed by our incredible customer service, which we’re confident is the best in the industry.

Quality Plumbing Valves

Quality is one of our most highly regarded values at American Valve. We believe that, by engineering products with high-quality materials and to the highest standards, we can minimize plumbing maintenance and equipment replacement. We pride ourselves on our unique, innovative approach to plumbing valves and specialty plumbing products.

This dedication to quality is evident in every step of our engineering and manufacturing processes. For each of our plumbing products, we consider the industry standards, environmental concerns, and local regulations, carefully crafting products that protect pipes, prevent damage to plumbing systems and expensive equipment, and deliver high-quality results.