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American Valve’s 4000 Series™ is solution without compromise for facility, factory, and municipal managers.

Our design provides maximum flow rate free from obstruction. Seats are protected from wear, and automation is a breeze with low operating torque and an ISO standard mounting pad. 4000 Series™ ball valves are used in critical applications around the world where gate, butterfly, or eccentric plug valves cannot be trusted.

Featuring a patented corrosion resistant PFA*-fused solid ball, the 4000 Series™ is more durable, less susceptible to buildup, and longer-lasting than an ordinary unprotected ball.

With the same ANSI B16.10 end-to-end dimensions as a gate valve or eccentric plug valve, and the convenience of quarter turn operation, the 4000 Series™ is the leader in ball valve technology.

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